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Positive reinforcement

Do you have a dog with too much energy and attitude? Having problems handling the new four legged bundle of joy in the family? Then it’s time for you to check out everything that Haute Dog Pet Resort has to offer you and your furry little friend.


Obedience training done right

You’ll find that Haute Dog Pet Resort offers pet training for both the pet and for the master on how to take control and command. You’ll find the use of positive reinforcement to encourage the right behavior.


Perfect for smart, energetic dogs

Do you love your dog, but sometimes get turned off by sudden bouts of nervous or seemingly bad behavior? Smart and energetic dogs need training and thrive on it. If you have a dog that needs daily exercise and challenge, then Haute Dog Pet Resort’s obedience or trick training could be the perfect solution.

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Luxury Pet Suites

All Positive Reinforcement


We adore animals and train them

the right way!




Actual rooms and beds - no

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Awesome Grooming Options

  • Clips and trims

  • Shed-out service

  • "Pawdicures"

  • Facials

  • Mud baths and more!


All guests must be wearing flea protection in the form of a topical liquid such as Frontline or Advantage. Flea collars are not acceptable.

Haute Dog Pet Resort offers a wide array of training

  • Obedience training

  • Tricks

  • Master and pet training

  • Ask about our training specials


When you want to see positive pet training done right, it’s time to call Haute Dog Pet Resort at 509-525-1312 to get the ball rolling!